Friday, April 23, 2010

Perak PKR-turned-independent reps acquitted

The Ipoh Sessions Court has today acquitted two former PKR state assemblypersons on corruption charges without their defence being called.

Judge Azhaniz Azman said that the prosecution has failed to prove a prima facie case and ordered them - both of whom are former Perak cabinet members - to be released immediately.

Prima facie means there is substantial reason brought by the prosecution for the accused to answer the charge.

NONEMohd Osman Mohd Jailu, 58 (Changkat Jering) and Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, 53 (Behrang) were charged along with three others - former PKR state assemblypersons PKR politician Usaili Alias, 56, former Perak Tengah district councillor Zul Hassan, 46, and contractor Fairul Azrim Ismail, 31.

Today's proceedings took no more than a few minutes after the court convened at 12.05pm. No grounds were given by the judge for the decision.

The prosecution now has 14 days to appeal.

16 counts of corruption

Both Mohd Osman and Jamaluddin, who quit PKR in February last year, joined former DAP state representative Hee Yit Foong in triggering BN's controversial takeover of Perak through their defection.

In the wake of the decision by Mohd Osman and Jamaluddin to quit PKR, speculation was rife that the duo might be acquitted as a way to return favour for their defection.

The five men were charged for a total of 16 counts of corruption involving the RM180 million Seri Iskandar development project in Perak.

The sixth accused, former Perak State Economic Development Corporation technician Ruslan Sahat, 46, had recently passed away.

The charges include allegedly asking or accepting bribes of between RM400 and RM100,000 between Aug 6 and 19, 2008 as incentives to help businessman Mohammad Imran Abdullah to obtain a contract to develop 36 hectares under the jurisdiction of the Perak Tengah district council in Seri Iskandar.

Jamaluddin was charged with allegedly accepting a RM5,000 bribe from Imran while Osman was charged with three counts of corruption, including allegedly asking and accepting a RM100,000 bribe. Their defence was handled by Abdul Roni Abdul Rahman.

Fairul and Usaili were also charged with corruption and additionally with accepting sexual favours from a woman arranged by Imran at an apartment in Penang while Zul was charged for accepting a sexual favour at a hotel in Batu Ferringi, Penang.

Mohd Asri Othman handled Fairul's defence while Surjan Singh Sidhu and M Saravan representeded Usaili and Zul respectively.

'The events did not happen'

Outside the court, Jamaluddin said, “I thank Allah for the verdict and Allah knows that the events did not happen.”

He would not comment on whether he was framed, saying, “ I do not want to hurt the feelings of others by stating so.”

His lawyer Roni was more blunt: “This is a frame-up to topple the Pakatan state government and is politically motivated.”

When asked whether he will demand for an exco post since he has been freed from the corruption charges, Jamaluddin replied,“No, but I will take it if offered.”

Surjan made a similar claim in his court submissions in defence of Zul, saying, “This is a successful plot connived by the Barisan Nasional to bring down the rakyat's legally elected government of Perak formed by the Pakatan Rakyat after the elections in March 2008.”

Meanwhile an overjoyed Osman expressed relief that the saga, which has caused him emotional and mental anguish over the past two years, had come to and end. “Now my mind is free to concentrate on giving service to my voters in Changat Jering,” he said.

He also echoed Jamaluddin's views about the four exco posts that were left vacant when Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir took office last year.

Usaili, who is PKR Parit division chief, said this corruption trial has made him even stronger and more committed in serving his party for the next general election.

seals: If you are a politician with PR and you are caught for a crime, just convert to be a "frog" and you will be acquitted.

But if you consume alcohol and you have a race horse and so on but when you are in BN you can be in the top post but is you move out from BN "consume alcohol and you have a race horse and so on" it is all against Muslim value and you will be the BAD Muslim ....

So the solution is be in BN you are above all .....

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Nasib baik mereka keluar dari PKR jika tidak pastinya mereka akan merengkok dalam penjara.Tahniah saya ucapkan kepada Datuk2 yang terlepas dari tuduhan rasuah itu.