Friday, January 01, 2010

Formation in a Cave of Batu Caves



Batu Caves, this is what I call as a formation of a Sittar ( Siddha, as pronounced in English ) in a cave at Batu Caves, Malaysia. As for me it is clear to see the formation of a (can be taken as) "sarban" or a head dress on the head, the old long face, the glowing heart chakra, and he is sitting in a GYAN Mudra (like the Chin Mudra, I am not an expert on the Mudra topic) with the palm facing forward.

(Maha Avatar Babaji is a Sittar too)

It makes me believe, since this was also a place of ancient Siddhas, it could be a place of Samadhi, that had all these while help to generate a high spiritual vibration, just like Palani is a samadhi place of Bogar, Chidambaran, Tirumoolar and so on..... just my 1 cent thought .... but again I believe it is not that simple to have this formation without a reason.

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