Friday, January 01, 2010

BN and the people: 'Pagar makan padi'

'We had a clean and a transparent government under Pakatan in Perak. Now the thieves are back to loot the entire state .Well done, Barisan. Kudos to Umno.'

BN playing 'cowardly politics' in Perak

Amaso: PKR, keep up the good work of exposing Umno Gopeng division committee members grabbing 40 plots of land supposedly meant for the poor people. Umno now blames the civil servants for the blunder. We, the rakyat, are not that stupid to believe Umno's explanation.

The more of Umno's misdeeds are exposed, the more votes go to PKR. Please keep exposing Umno's and BN's misdeeds.

Jbss: Not surprising at all. 'Pagar makan padi'. It is an Umno culture - self enrichment or corruption. This reminds me of a discussion several years ago I had with an Umno division member who was my friend. When asked about his son's studies, he told me that since his son was not good at his studies, it would be better for him to get involved in Umno politics.

Every Umno position has a price - branch chairperson, branch secretary, division chairperson, deputy division chairperson, division secretary, delegates and council members, etc. Now you know how lucrative it is to be involved in Umno politics. All Pakatan Rakyat state reps, be on the lookout.

Ganasan Kailasanathan: We had a clean and a transparent government under Pakatan in Perak. Now the thieves are back to loot the entire state. Well done, Barisan. Kudos to Umno. Start your cronysm, nepotism andcCorruption. We, the rakyat, know that those are Umno's 'policies'.

Thomas Foo: All these happenings are the work of one 'man' who disregarded his subjects' welfare. The people just need to get out of their feudalistic mindset and vote Pakatan. BN is beyond redemption.

Mythots: So what else is new? I just can't understand how brazen these politicians can be, robbing from the very people who elected them and whom they swore on oath to protect and serve.

Where is your conscience and fear of God? We're here for about 70 years and eternity in heaven
or hell. I guess you have made your choice. Remember, God will not be mocked, especially when the land is for the poor and needy.


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