Sunday, December 13, 2009

'Keling' blood: 'Utusan has immunity'

'If, say, an Indian or Chinese counterpart of 'Zaini Hassan' or 'Awang Selamat' had insulted the Malay community in another paper, the 'fair-minded' home minister would have no hesitation in shutting down the paper.'

Of noisy Indians and 'keling' blood: Utusan strikes again

Tan Kian Khim: This latest Utusan Malaysia article, combined with the reinstatement of Penang Umno chief Ahmad Ismail will do wonders for Umno's credibility among clear-minded Malaysians.

If, say, an Indian or Chinese counterpart of 'Zaini Hassan' or 'Awang Selamat' had insulted the Malay community in another paper, the 'fair-minded' Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein (who saw fit to personally defend the Umno-backed Shah Alam cow's head hooligans) would have no hesitation in applying the ISA to shut down the paper and arrest the writer for making 'seditious remarks'.

But we all know who pays Zaini Hassan and Awang Selamat's bills.

Lee Tat Fatt: Hello, Mr PM, promoter of '1Malaysia'. What have got to say about this? Nothing I guess. But one thing is for sure. If a Tamil newspaper insulted the Malays, we all know what would happen (that's right - they would be classified as a threat to the security of nation).
Acode168: Najib, on one hand you talk about '1Malaysia', on the other you use the Umno-controlled media to provoke racial issues amongst the Malays. Please don't think the rakyat are all stupid and blind.

Rayfire: To the Umno-led BN government, you are the pinnacle of double standards. This Utusan Malaysia is raising sensitive issues on a daily basis and you keep quiet. But you go after people who hold candlelight vigils saying they are a threat to the nation.

As for the Utusan journalist, he is continuing his tirade because of immunity provided by the owner of this newspaper. And people like those 'cow head' protestors who accept it as the gospel truth will go on to harass fellow citizens saying they are second-class citizens.

Habib RAK: DKK apparently stands for 'Darah Keturunan Keling'. I'm a proud DKK. It's an undeniable fact that my grandparents are from India. Other than the Orang Asli, everybody else in Malaysia is also a DK-something.

They are either 'Darah Keturunan Cina, Indonesia (Java, Aceh, etc), Thailand, Burma, Philippines, English, Dutch, Portugese, Japan, Arab.

A commentator has pointed out that 'Melayu' means 'runaways' in the Javanese language. Thus all of who originated from another locality are Melayu in Malaysia. But I know that all of us are now proud Malaysians and we are doing our best for our beloved country Malaysia.

Only those who have a skewed and warped mindset choose to remain ignorant. Zaini Hassan is just one example of an ignorant (jahil).

Paradox: Zaini and the editor of Utusan Malaysia are another product of BTN. Zaini, I hope one day your daughter will fall in love with an Indian man and marry him.

Karma: MIC is wasting their time lodging a police report. For what? You think the police are so free to drive all the way out to arrest him? There is no promotion benefit for the policemen involved.

The police only act on instructions. They should find time to catch snatch thieves for that would be better.

Nazr: Since most newspapers vendors and distributors are Indians, I suggest they all retaliate by refusing to sell this crappy newspaper. This is the only way to really hurt them.

Chipmunk: The Malays originated in Yunnan, China. They Proto-Malays were also known as Jakun. They were seafaring people. Probably because of their seafaring way of life or trading, they were believed to have lived in coastal Borneo.

They then expanded into Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula. A Portuguese historian, Godinho de Eredia, referred to the Malays as Saletes (Orang Selat, or People of the Straits). Hindu influence on Malay culture is historically very great.

A large number of the Malays were Hindus before they were converted to Islam in the 15th century. So Zaini, who is the 'keling'?

Zainal: Is Zaini Hasan describing Dr Mahathir Mohamad?

Greyhame: No need for words, great need for votes. How I pray that the next general election will come soon.

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seals: what should have MIC done about this ? Again it proved MIC is not relevant in protecting the Indians? Let all Indians seek the help of Hindraf, at least they ahve done some thing for Indians ...

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