Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dr Mahathir Mohamad was quoted as saying 'lama-lama kapalterbang pun hilang juga'

'Back in 1995, PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad was quoted as saying 'lama-lama kapalterbang pun hilang juga' when asked about a gold heist at the Subang airport.'

Missing jet engine: PM promises no cover-up

Raja Rajan: Back in 1995, prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad was quoted as saying 'lama-lama kapalterbang pun hilang juga' when asked about a gold heist at the Subang airport. Well 14 years on, nothing much has improved in terms of national security. It has worsened.

Alright, it's only an aircraft engine, not a plane yet. But the government has always said it was thwarting an imminent threat to national security whenever it arrested its political opponents under the ISA, how come it missed these guys at the Sungai Besi RMAF airbase?

Aren't they traitors who betrayed the government, nation and the king? Remember an arms heist at a Mindef base a few years ago? Nothing happened to the culprits. Nothing will happen now either. What else would go missing? The country? Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi should resign.

Tan Kian Khim: Najib says '...no cover-up in missing jet engine investigation'. Clearly he means that this 'investigation' will be just like the 'no cover-up investigation' over the submarine commissions, Sukhois and Altantuya Shaariibuu murder.

Has anyone checked whether the submarines still have their engines? Do the Sukhoi fighters still have wings? Do the soldiers actually have ammunition in their rifles or did someone sell that to Iran too?

Maybe I should go and pick up a few missiles to sell for extra pocket money, since it seems so easy to smuggle a jet engine off an RMAF base.

Sivakumar Subramaniam: Dear prime minister, let me see if I understand your statement correctly. What you're saying is that a few 'motivated' personnel are all it takes to smuggle our defence capabilities out of the country outside of the control of your Defence Ministry and the only measure you are taking is to let the armed forces discipline their own soldiers.

God help us if some country wages war on us, or if our weapons land in the wrong hands.

Doc: Thank goodness the perpetrators were kind enough to only steal one engine. I presume the jet can still fly with the other engine (assuming that the other engine is still around and in working order). In view of the '1Malaysia' concept; '1engine', also can fly la!

Knowing the current ruling government's trend; they will probably buy back the engine from the South Americans at double the cost they sold it to them.

Playfair: The military has had many cases of goods or/and money being stolen, lost, misplaced and misappropriated. But it has never faced such serious losses of sensitive items as under Najib Abdul Razak's watch as defence minister. The al-Ma'unah arms heist and the stolen C4 high explosives all involved loss of life.

The question is, should not the defence minister then be also responsible and accountable for such glaring thefts at his ministry? At least the moral responsibility to own up to it. It is this kind of evasion of responsibility that undermines the trust in the integrity of the nation's political leadership.

Saya Boleh: What does he mean 'no cover-up'? The whole damn episode has been covered up since 2007. It's shameful.

They roped in an innocent Sin Chew journalist and Seputeh member of parliament Teresa Kok under the ISA for being an alleged threat to national security, but let off a brigadier-general and his 40 thieves (with full pension) who have clearly breached national security. The minister in charge should have resigned or be sacked immediately.

Remember the defence minister's reaction on this issue when he said 'a group of low-ranking officers were in cahoots with civilians in the well-planned theft and sale of the RM50 million engine'?

Well, if the minister of defence considers a brigadier-general as a low-ranking officer, then he has no business being the minister of defence at all. This is another big lie from BN.

Abil: The jet engine was missing from 2007 and only now this has been revealed. Is this not complacency on the part of authorities? C4 explosives too have been lost in the past.

This is a very serious breach of national security and but everyone seems to be waiting for this and that report before bringing the culprits to justice. Great for Najib and his KPI.

AM Ayob: Why didn't Najib promise a 'no cover-up' in the Altantuya case? Is it because he was afraid the most undesirable would turn up? The stinkiest can of worms that can send some individuals to jail for a very long time?

However, in the missing plane engine case, the people implicated are not important to the PM; they are people that he can do without. Allah knows best.

SameSame: Let me get this right. He said there will be 'no cover-up'. Does that mean and that such issues are normally covered-up?

Frankie Tan: No wonder those Nuri helicopters have been crashing so often throughout their lifespans. Could be that some of their engines were stolen to be replaced by Proton car engines?

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