Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MACC: Jayanthi not the key witness

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz today said that lawyer VK Lingam's former secretary Jayanthi LG Naidu was not the key witness which the MACC was looking for to conclude the probe against the lawyer.

"It is not her. They are looking for someone else," he said without revealing the identity of the mystery witness.

In a separate statement, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission confirmed that Jayanthi was not the witness which it was looking for.

The commission said that the decision to classify the matter as 'no further action' was made only after Jayanthi's statement had been recorded.

Nazri had previously said that the MACC had 'closed' the case as it could not locate a key witness in the probe against Lingam.

Following that, opposition MPs yesterday brought Jayanthi to a press conference in Parliament to state that she was available to help the MACC if she was the key witness.

NONEJayanthi also claimed that she had been available to assist the MACC in their investigations at all times.

"The ACA (now MACC) have at all times been able to contact me earlier for my statement.

"After the announcement (written reply) by Nazri on Oct 23 (that no action would be taken), I called and asked the MACC who the key witness was that they were looking for.

"They were unable to answer me," she told reporters at Parliament.

Jayanthi was Lingam's former secretary at the time of the royal commission's probe into Lingam's alleged involvement in brokering the appointment of judges.

She was called in as a witness by the commission then to testify about a holiday to New Zealand which Lingam and former chief justice Eusoff Chin had taken together.

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I agree with Nazri, she is not the witness, he cannot disclose the identity as he himself does not know and even the police does not know who it is, as the matter of fact no body knows who it is. It is that confidential.

And they are looking for that person...good luck!!

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