Friday, November 27, 2009

'BTN promotes unity? My foot'

No brainwashing in BTN courses, says Muhyiddin
Ministers defend 'racist' BTN courses

Gblk7277: I have attended this BTN course. Yes, it is a brainwashing session where they were telling us that the other races must get a lesser amount of 'durian' because we are the 'pendatang' and we had agreed to accept a lesser amount.

Therefore we could not question anything, just shut up and eat the 'durian' you get or go back to China or India. It's very much politically biased and they were showing recordings of the Bersih and Hindraf rallies saying chaos will take place if we don't support BN.

And that our country will be destroyed. 'Learning about 1Malaysia, about nationalism and unity'? My foot.

Camverra Jose Maliamauv: In the year 2000, during my first year at Universiti Teknologi Petronas, I was one of those selected to attend the Kem Bina Negara. We were sent to an army camp in Kedah.

Out of all the lectures and physical activities etc, I will always remember two main things. The first was a lecture and discussion during which the instructor concluded at the end that non- Malays should not question the special rights and privileges of the Malays and that we should just work harder to move up.

And secondly, during another lecture, one of the 'threats to national security' that were highlighted was 'parti politik baru' (a coincidence that this was the year after 1999?).

Jawahar Hassan: Everybody who attend BTN camps knew the exact nature of the BTN courses during which you are required to surrender all the handphones and recording devices to the person in charge. What's the reason behind this? Why such a rule? Is there anything to hide?

SameSame: Well, well, now our deputy prime minister is lying! Can he proof what he is saying is correct? You know what amazes me is that they still think we are like them - so gullible and stupid.

Well, our unwanted DPM, its obvious we are not stupid and we are not gullible. It's better you keep quiet instead of shooting yourself in your own foot (BN people love doing that it seems). '1Malaysia', my foot.

Chee Hoe Siew: Firstly, is there a law stating that civil servants and other public sector staff must attend these BTN camps? If not, then there is no need to even attend such propaganda camps.

Eagle: Publish the contents of the BTN course and let us decide whether it is a racial hatred and incitement programme. And stop telling us what is good for us, the rakyat. We can decide for ourselves and we can also decide on your future too when the time comes.

Lusiapa: Will past participants of such BTN courses step forward and give their testimony without fear or favour?

Is the Selangor education, higher education and human capital development committee chairperson giving an honest assessment of the situation or is the DPM denying something which is unbelievably true?

Obviously, one of them is not telling the truth. It is time that the liar be publicly exposed and condemned.

Giri: My blood is boiling. God, how can they lie like this?

Tkc: Mr Deputy PM, instead of 'he say, I say', I suggest you publish the text of the BTN courses on the Internet so that we can judge for ourselves. Oh, and please do not tell us it is classified under the OSA.

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seals: It looks like the BN government "does not know" what the hands and feets are doing? Time to change? I myself have heard many such cases ..... the good question was "you are required to surrender all the handphones and recording devices to the person in charge"?

TKC, dont ask that it could be under OSA or they might have another set for media....lolzzz!!

I would wholeheartedly say THANKS TO SELANGOR for the decision that made this be seen by RAKYAT. I suggest other non BN state should follow this.

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wong said...

a campaign must close down btn immediately...either by rallies or internet campaign...this must stop....