Thursday, June 18, 2009

What to look for in a photograph

What do we look for in a photograph before and after we capture an image? We want to have an image that is pleasing to view by both you and others. An image that tells a story. You look for an image that has content in lines, shades and composition. I suggest you start off by shooting in b&w so your concentration is on content alone.

You should be able to see something to capture without looking through the viewfinder. Once you have an image in mind then view it trough the viewfinder to pull it all together. I suggest when you have an image in sight you get the right exposure and then bracket both up and down. If you are capturing an image that has depth which is having all in focus from the foreground to the background you will have to use a high f/stop number which means a slow shutter speed will follow, then you will need a tripod to keep it rock steady.

I would say to start off with shooting images without people or moving objects, once you feel that you have gained learning then go to capture people and moving objects.

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