Monday, May 11, 2009

PERAK: Who started the ruckus?

What a disgraceful Hee Yit Foong is as a ADUN, be it from BN or PR. The way she sprayed pepper spray towards another disabled MP is there for all to see, and Hee still denied of doing so! She even said it's a pendrive, pen or whatever it is.

Also the way she torn the notes also shown that she's very utterly and extremely disrespectful of our Agong. Yet why no one is bringing this up? Why isn't this stupid BN people report this so appropriate action is taken against her?

seals: Does not the pictures above answers that? It is planned or what? Will any ADUN need to carry pepper spray into DUN? Will action be taken against her or this will set a new "par" for all other DUN's and MP's carry pepper spray in to Parliament/DUN?
Should PR state start to remove all the top officers in the state with a PR members? So that they again will not face a "disobedience" from the officers who still thinks it is a BN government?

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