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Disneygate: 'MACC, can you smell the stench?'

Apr 3, 09 9:01am

‘Selcat must be congratulated for unearthing how PNSB had funded 'leisure' trips for the children of the previous Selangor MB. This is tantamount to robbing the poor.'

On 'State agency funded Khir's Disney tours'

Peter Ooi: The Selangor government should be congratulated for setting up Selcat to look into the expenditure of PNSB and Balkis.

It is highly recommended that other states like Penang or Kedah should follow suit.

The revelation is that some funds collected by Balkis were used for purposes other than charity. Oh, how the donors were shortchanged in this case.

What is even worse and sinful is that the poor and the unfortunate were denied the little luxuries and treats the money could have bought them. This is tantamount to robbing the poor.

Selcat must again be congratulated for unearthing how PNSB had funded 'leisure' trips for the children of the previous MB.

Shameful is the least I would describe such an act by the former MB.

PNSB was not meant to be the cash cow of any individual. Whatever earned should be channeled back for the benefit of the rakyat.

I wonder if their consciences were clear when so much was spent on such a trip.

There are so many who are eking out a meagre living just to put two basic meals on the table for the whole family.

And here we have thousands spent on leisure trips for the family of the former MB. I do hope Ahmad Said of the MACC has smelled the stench.

CP Kee: It's very telling that a state official and his family and entourage can spend RM1.6 million holidaying and gallivanting the world while the villages of Bukit Selembau go without basic needs like water and electricity.

And still they want us to vote for them.

Khir Toyo and his wife should study the architecture of the Selambau hovels rather than the architectural magnificence of Morocco.

Don't give us such rubbishy explanations; the least you could do after squandering our money is lie intelligently.

Ash Burn: First we hear of Mohd Khir Toyo's previous BN government stealing land earmarked for Tamil schools and farmers which were then sold to private entreprises for huge profits.

Now, the stealing of RM1.6 million from the poor and destitute in the name of Balkis to go for a luxury holiday. This is unforgiveable. We are saddened . God, please help.

John Johnson: This is a terrible wrongdoing by the very people whom we trusted to handle our public funds. It is crystal clear that he and his family enjoyed the holiday while the rakyat sweated and toiled.

We would definitely want justice to prevail. I would definitely want justice to take its course with every penny being paid back to the government and the law being used to its fullest extent.

These people should be ashamed of their extravagant expenditure using public funds. It is no point declaring bankruptcy and not paying back what is due.

It is time these highrollers get a taste of how the grassroots people work hard for a living.

Let them repent for their greed and avarice. Shame on you all. This is a despicable act of misusing funds.

Braveheart: This is democracy in its truest form.

I was amazed to see President Obama a few days ago, taking questions from the US public via a satellite conference and giving proper answers.

It was on how the American stimulus package has been disbursed thus far and what were the benefits for the American taxpayer.

In my mind this is the height of accountability for an elected representative.

Literally being the 'most powerful' man on the planet, he has the humility and responsibility to answer in public on the progress of the recovery plan and what is going on with people's money.

As I was watching it, I had a thought if this would ever be possible in Malaysia.

A breath of hope emerged when I saw Selangor having a public hearing, the first ever inquiry conducted by a state legislative assembly in the country.

Thank you, leaders. This is what we need. People responsible for spending the taxpayers' money must come to explain to those very taxpayers.

Not hide behind the gown of some lawyers and claim to be innocent. This is a glimpse of the future that the people of Batang Ai, Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau should consider before casting their votes.

On Perak crisis: New judges to hear suits

John Tan: With so many changes being abruptly done ad hoc, I wonder if the judges themselves are prepared to actually judge the case.

Anyway, ask any man on the street for a verdict and the answer would be a foregone conclusion as with the other many high-profile cases.

So surprise us and show us that the judiciary can really be depended on when justice is required and seen to be done.

On Perak Malays feel they're being marginalised

Andrew Goh: The PR Perak Government should be congratulated for granting freehold status to land occupied by the Chinese New Villagers who have being occupying their land for years if not generations.

In this way, these Chinese New Villagers will want to improve their land and feel a sense of belonging to the country.

Under the BN Government, only a 30-year lease was given which made these villagers reluctant to spend too much money on their properties and being held hostage by the BN government when the leases are about to expire.

If the Perak Malays feel that they are being marginalised because of this act of goodwill, then I think there is no future for the Chinese in Malaysia.

Especially when the BN government has spent millions on them (although granted most of these millions went to the Umno cronies).

DSAI and the PR have offered an alternative government and a paradigm shift in the thinking of the voters - especially Malay voters - in that we should not think about race but economics.

It is for this reason that I sincerely hope the PR candidates win in the coming by-elections.

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