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Problems for Hindus to have weddings in the temple

Dear Dr. Bala,


I am writing to you to highlight an issue faced by the Hindus in this country.

I have written to Hindu Sangam previously via the main web page but never had any response from Hindu Sangam.

Me and my family are devoted Hindus who believe and practice Hinduism in every way of our life. I have been going for prayers to Sri Thandayuthabani Murugan temple in Seremban since I was a kid to the extend the temple can be called as my second home.

A few years back (about 4-5 years ago) this very old temple went through a major renovation where a whole new, very beautiful temple was built at this site. We did all we can to help the temple to raise funds and etc to
accomplish this temple construction. My older sister's wedding took place in this beautiful temple.

It was a temple wedding with everyone, the bride and groom as well seated on the temple floor right at the front of the altar, in front of Lord Murugan. Such a pride to have it at one's own temple!

That was the last temple wedding that took place in the temple. The construction of the temple hall was completed then. After that the temple committee only allows wedding to take place at their hall only. They strictly do not allow weddings to take place inside the temple. I do not understand the logic behind this.

A Muslim can get married in a mosque, a Christian at his church and the Buddhist in the temple. But why is an Hindu denied to be able to get married at his own holy place? Does that mean an Hindu will have to convert to other religion first in order for her and him to get married in their holy place?

I think this not right. I believe this is people's temple. One committee or one president can never ever decide for the rest. Obviously the temple wedding fees was less and the hall rental cost more in which provides more income to the temple. However money should not be the issue. They can always charge the same but let the people decide where they want their marriage to take place.

I will be getting married in August 2009. Me and my partner are very eager to have our wedding to take place in this temple. We went through many ups and downs due to many issues and finally able to settle down. We have always had Lord Murugan to rely on. We are really eager to have our marriage right in this temple.

However now we are told that the temple committee will never have the wedding inside the temple.

I want my holy matrimonial to take place inside the temple, right in front of Lord Murugan and not in a hall behind the temple. A hall will always be a hall no matter where it is located. whether inside the temple or outside the temple. All I am asking for is to allow me and all other youngsters to be able to tie the knot in the temple.

We cannot wait for the President or the Board Members to be gone and then get married.

I really hope you could help me in this case as a Honourable General Secretary of Malaysia Hindu Sangam. I have plead to them but been ignored without any consideration. Pls get involved with all the temples and avoid these committees from discriminating us. We don't mind paying any money to be able to use the temple for our wedding. It is just for our wedding and not any other funky celebration or gathering. They can always give option between temple or the hall and let the people decide.

FYI, the temple has given a few reasons on why weddings should not take place inside the temple.

1. They are following Hindu Sangam's regulations
2. They are following pursuits of many big temples in KL
3. The non Hindus i.e. Muslims, Chinese and others who will attend the wedding do not know the do's and don'ts in a temple
4. The Hindus who are not clean (females on menses, etc) will attend the wedding and therefore will step inside the temple
5. The temple President will not allow wedding inside the temple

In my opinion on some of the few reasons they gave above:

1. Why do you impose that regulation? Why Hindu's cannot use our own temple?
2. Why other temples have to follow pursuit of the big KL temples?
3. First of all who allowed them to set that standard?
4. We will not invite the non Hindus if this is the case.
5. Why do they think our own Indian females do not know this? We all as Hindus do observe this at our own house altars. We are all civilised people.
6. How do they screen those tourists who visit our temples everywhere in the world? Are they screened?
7. Why they can be welcomed as tourists but we are discriminated although we strictly follow this?
8. Who is the temple President to decide on this matter? This temple belongs to the people. He is just the guardian.

In fact when I told I am willing to pay the same amount as per hall fee or slightly more than that, one of the admin staff actually said may be it can be considered if you pay RM 1 Million..??

Dr.Bala, I would really appreciate if you could personally pursue this matter and help all the Hindus being discriminated at our own temple. Pls allow the youngsters like us to have our holy matrimonial in the temple. Pls help us. We are all
civilised, educated people. One should not begging others to be near and blessed by his Almighty.
Pls help. Thank you in advance for your future actions. Appreciate your precious time taken to read this mail and pls drive this change. I would love to have you to join my wedding in August 2009. And I trust Lord Murugan and you will make this wedding happen, inside the Sri Bala Thandayuthabani temple, Seremban.

Thank you. Vanakkam.


Sheila Ramasamy
GE Oil & Gas
PII Pipeline Solutions
Team Leader
Asia Pacific Analysis

A mail that was send to : myhindusangam@yahoogroups.com

Seals: A very valid question that she has put up. Is MHS capable of handling this?

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Kavi said...

this shows that religion and bureaucracy should never mix.