Friday, December 19, 2008

Lecture for umno minister

Selangor MB pisst-off with umno minister in Ministry of Works who ordered IKRAM to not to deliver the initial assesment and investigation report on Bukit Antarabangsa landslide.

I believe not only MB but even every Selangorian shall get angry with this minister for playing politics in people's life. The people's under tremendous pressure whether to re-occupy or moved away from the hill yet umno have decided to play politcs.

Their refusal to deliever or to delay the report from reaching the state government shall be condemn by every citizens. I believe, Selangor royal shall summoned umno minister to Istana and give him lecture either to deliver the report or do not ever touch his foot in Selangor soil.

Delaying the report means State Government will not be able to take a timely decision which might make people to boil with the state government.

Umno didnt learn the people's wish since the last GE and they are making future to be more mockery than today.

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