Thursday, November 13, 2008

PDRM-Umno link?

PDRM-Umno link?
November 13th, 2008 (3 hours ago) by Teresa

Yesterday afternoon at about 2.15pm, when I was about to enter into the exco meeting room on the 20th floor, suddenly a man came up to me and told me that Ronnie Liu has been arrested by the police at ground floor.

He asked me to inform the Menteri Besar. I then went into the meeting room and told MB and all excos about this. Then all of us took the lift and went down to ground floor, hoping that we can see Ronnie and talk to the police officers.

When we went down, we were told by the officers that Ronnie has been taken away by the police. The guards at our state government building told us that they were unable to stop the police from taking Ronnie Liu away.

Our state legal advisor Dato’ Jauyah then called the Prosecution Head of Shah Alam to find out where Ronnie will be taken to. I then called and sent text messages to Gobind Singh and other party colleagues about his arrest.

We then received confirmation that Ronnie has been taken to the Puchong Jaya police station and waiting to be bailed. We then summoned the YDP of MPSJ to brief the exco on what had happened caused Ronnie Liu to be arrested. Our exco meeting was quite disturbed by this sudden change of events.

Ronnie came back to our exco meeting room at about 5pm and YDP and enforcement officers of MPSJ gave us presentation on what had taken place when they raided the hotel in Puchong in October last year. They told us that the police report was lodged by a MPSJ officer against Ronnie Liu, but they never expected the police take such a sudden action against Ronnie Liu, who is their boss now.

The question now is that, why did the police take such prompt action against Ronnie Liu over such small matter? As Ronnie is now an exco of a state government, the police can always call him or write to him to invite him to be present in the police station and record his statement. Do they need to take such drastic action against him by sending a few police officers to take him away, like “kidnapping” him?

Before this episode, Ronnie was arrested by the police when he went in to the PJ Police Station to visit all the participants of the Bersih rally last Sunday.

For me, this is a clear indication PDRM is working hand in glove with Umno to harass leaders of Pakatan Rakyat.

First they put me under the ISA over unfounded remarks made by Khir Toyo in his blog as well as the article published in Utusan Malaysia. They then reacted against Ronnie Liu as Khir Toyo raised the case of “Ronnie obstructing the raid carried out by MPSJ officers” in the Selangor State Assembly sitting. Besides, they have arrested our PJ DAP ADUNs without giving warning over peaceful assembly that demand free and fair elections (Bersih).

Which Pakatan Rakyat leaders will be their next target?

seals: if you noticed the police report was made in October LAST year.
1. It shows either Police is inefficient that take exactly 12 months to investigate a simple case
2. Or the UMNO is now working hand in hand to look for any simple reason to arrest leaders PR government.

Which is which?

But giving permits to others who would protest anything against PR government. UiTM was given permit in 2 hours and allowed to protest even though they are governed by College and University Act.

What all these indicates? Will the Police say the same when in months to come PR takes over the Federal government, "sorry we did not know you will be our boss ...."?

This is too obvious...

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