Monday, November 03, 2008

Maxis Allow this?

This is what I received from my MAXIS Line ....(this is not from MAXIS)

Nak tgk koleksi-koleksi video clip skodeng yg hebat & panas? Tulis ON KT htr ke 33887. Semua pdftrn FREE.

Source number was : +252000000

Seals: do MAXIS allow such promotions on their network?


Anonymous said...

well,I also received tonnes of this crap too!
believe it or not, I realised that I never had such prob with other telcos except for Maxis...How could they allow such messages???!!BTW the messages proved 1 thing that dignity has no more value and girls are made to be 'a product of business'.what is this?!!!have some respect people!rather giving such messages, I would rather recommend that there are many other subjects that can be focused-nature, charity, launchings,events n gigs that people WORTH going for instead of these hanky-panky or whatever bullshit you call it as.seemed like DIGNITY is ceasing off nowadays and made public and targetted via SMS....hope this message doesn't fall on deaf ears..

God Bless,

Corinne Jansz said...

y don't u check with your company who deals with MAXIS short code, i think they r located same floor as u, just opposite ;-]

Anonymous said...

damn, i just receive this at my digi, anyone complaint it before? how can telco or MCMC allow such content? i think they just use SMS modem and use different depends on telco, since SMS charges so cheap now.