Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Arresting a guy for obstruction after 1 year?

I cannot tell if Malaysia's public prosecutor office is too free or just too busy!!!!

1. Are they so busy that they took 1 whole year before they could charged Selangor state executive councillor Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew with abetment in obstructing a Subang Jaya Municipal Council enforcement officer from closing down a hotel????

2. Or are they soooo free that they have assigned a senior Deputy Public Prosecutor to (handle) this menial case!?!?!

3. Is this case more serious then murder, assault, gang rape, robbery, Mat Rempit, and etc?!?! I think even corruption and racist slander would rank higher than obstruction?!?

4. So does this senior DPP not have something better to do?!? A more serious case to prosecute perhaps?

5.Or why were they so busy that they could not charge Ronnie Liu earlier?!!?

Uncle Lim (Lim Kit Siang) said.....
"I was at the court this morning and met with the deputy public prosecutor (DPP), who was a senior officer. He told me this was a very serious case," he told reporters in Parliament today.

6. If such a "serious case" takes up to a year to prosecute ah..... then the not serious case how?!?!
Die lah!!!?!?

7. So if you are an inteligent Malaysian citizen...... what conclusion would you come up with in relation to this incident?!?!

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seals: a very interesting question by this blogger.

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