Friday, October 17, 2008

Utusan Malaysia calls for the assassination of Teresa Kok?

With three legal suits for sedition amounting to RM41 million already knocking on their door, Utusan Malaysia played it safe by taking a different approach in propagating their political beliefs to the public. This time around, columnist Chamil Wariya (image) wrote a short fictional story about a female politician in his attempt to dodge any legal proceedings whilst sharing his point view on politics.
MP Josephine is a threat to peace and harmony. It is better for her to die so that the people of various races in this country can live peacefully in this blessed land. I've sacrificed for the future.

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Short Talker said...

Latest news:

Rakyat 1 - O Utusan.

Now they will be more careful to shoot their guns towards opposition.

Kudos to Mahfuz and his lawyers.

Short Talk