Monday, October 13, 2008

Cheras Umno starts fund for Utusan

KUALA LUMPUR: The Cheras Umno division has started a fund to help Utusan Malaysia defend itself against a RM30mil defamation lawsuit filed by Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.

Kicking off the fund with a RM20,000 contribution, division head Datuk Syed Ali Al Habshee said the Tabung Azan would also be used to assist mosques and suraus that needed money to buy loudspeakers for the purpose of the azan (call to prayer).

“Teresa has challenged the honour of Malays by suing Utusan Malaysia as it is a newspaper owned by the Malays.

“Challenging the Malays is similar to challenging Umno,” he said in urging other divisions to contribute to the fund.

On Thursday, Kok sued Utusan Melayu Sdn Bhd and the paper’s columnist Zaini Hassan over an article that allegedly defamed her.

Kok was said to have petitioned a mosque in Puchong to reduce the volume for the azan, something which she has strongly denied.

The mosque has also stated she was not involved in such a move.

Syed Ali said questioning the azan meant questioning the honour of Malays and Islam.

On another matter, Syed Ali said the scene that erupted at the division’s Wanita delegates meeting Saturday night lend more weight for the abolition of the quota system in nominating leaders.

“One of the delegates wanted to contest the post of vice-chief which requires 10% of the nominations. Since our division has 31 branches, that would mean 3.1 nominations.”

Syed Ali said the Umno headquarters then clarified that 3.1 nominations actually meant four nominations.

“All hell broke loose because the delegate already had three nominations. I just told them to go ahead and let her contest. It is a ridiculous ruling,” he said.

Outside the meeting hall yesterday, Sri Indah branch chief Nordin Pilus protested against the division’s action to suspend his branch for apparently not meeting the quorum when the branch convened.

seals: So UTUSAN can report all kind of false statements and no one should sue UTUSAN because sueing UTUSAN is like challenged the honour of Malays ?


Anonymous said...

question is.. what has mosque got to do with Malays?

Anonymous said...

sayadahbosan said:

this is the vague logic that i don't understand till now.

this suing trend is from PAP.

freedom of speech is just rocky's way to wake up DAP.

Anonymous said...

rocky the drunkard posted some pukeshit on his site about Kok against press freedom by suing.. lot of C