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Malaysians are all equal, says Kah Chuan

Malaysians are all equal, says Kah Chuan
by Humayun Kabir

IPOH (Sept 9, 2008): All Malaysians should be treated as equal citizens of the country and not be categorised as A, B or C-level citizens, MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan said on Sunday.

“After 51 years of independence, we are all citizens of Malaysia and there is no class A, B or C. There should be no classification of citizenship as all races are equal and all people enjoy the benefits. We have to work together and weed out the mischief caused by racially biased viewpoints that will destroy racial harmony in the country.”

He said there should not be any questions raised about racial backgrounds and loyalty to Malaysia as all races including Malays, Chinese and Indian had sacrificed their blood to free the country from Japanese occupation in the 1940s.

About 300,000 Chinese died defending the country during the Japanese Occupation when the British withdrew their troops and left the country defenceless. The British had acknowledged this fact and granted the Chinese community citizenship,” he said after attending a religious function at the Tow Boh Keong Temple here.

He said this in reference to Umno Bukit Bendara division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail’s alleged statement that Chinese are only squatters and immigrants and it is impossible for them to achieve equal rights among the races.

He said Ahmad should brush up his knowledge of the historic struggle and sacrifices by all Malaysians to gain independence for the country, before making sensitive racial comments that will destroy communal harmony in the country.

“The Alliance party ‘house’ was originally formed by Malays, Chinese and Indians which later led to the formation of the Barisan Nasional. So, there is no issue of MCA leaving the BN concept as we played a role in building the ‘house’ and we will not abandon the ‘house’ when problems arise within the component parties. We will stay on and solve all problems in a consensus manner,” he said, in response to calls by MCA and Gerakan members to leave BN if Ahmad does not apologise for his alleged racial remarks.

Ong called on BN leaders to promote the concept and spirit of muhibbah among the various races.

“People are talking about ‘916’ (Sept 16) and this talk will not topple us (BN component parties), but we are only toppling ourselves if we continue to remain divided and not work as a group,” he said.

In Rantau Panjang, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar advised all quarters to not make any speculation on Ahmad’s case as it was under investigation.

He said police were investigating Ahmad’s statement that was said to be seditious but declined to reveal developments in the case.

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seals: Indians did not contribute to defend the country before MERDEKA? As usual MIC is sleeping and that makes Indians as "non existence", no voice in Malaysia....or we are keeping a party that has no balls to voice out or their voice is not loud enough. We need a change.....

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