Friday, September 26, 2008

Introduction to Pranic Healing

Just Some of What You Will Learn:

Energetic Anatomy - you will work with each energy center to accelerate the healing processes of the physical organs they control

Preventative healing- remove the negative energetic patterns of a disease to prevent it from fully manifesting as a sickness

Self PRANIC HEALING - applying techniques to accelerate your own healing
Step-by-step techniques for ailments related to: Respiratory (e.g. asthma)Circulatory ( e.g. heart ailments)Gastrointestinal (e.g. irritable bowel syndrome)Musculoskeletal (e.g. arthritis and back pain)Migraine headaches , sinusitis Reproductive (e.g. menstrual problems)and other common illnesses

2 Basic Pranic Healing workshops are being held

Date - 27th & 28th September & October 4th,5th
Time - 9 am - 5pm

Venue :

Centre for PranaYoga & Self Transformation

3rd Floor, Wisma Srikrishna,

NO. 192-3 Jalan Tun,

Sambanthan, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone : 012 9742028 / 014 2308206. / 03 22603744.

More Info:


Country Arts said...


Thanks so much for the clear and lucid explanation of pranic healing. I wld like to know if you conduct any workshop in Klang.


Seal in Astral said...

thanks for reading the Pranic healing video... pls call the number provided and get the details pls