Sunday, July 13, 2008

New ruling will make people adopt via illegal means

New ruling will make people adopt via illegal means

PETALING JAYA: The ruling that prohibits adopted Muslim children from carrying their adoptive fathers' names will only encourage people to seek out illegal channels.
An adoptive mother, who declined to be named, said the ruling would only encourage more people to illegally adopt babies.

“They will just buy babies the illegal way as they would not want to go through the hassle of adopting a child through the legal procedures,” she said, referring to Wednesday's announcement by Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.

Syed Hamid had said that adoptive parents were not allowed to register the child's name with bin or binti followed by the adoptive father's name in documents issued by the National Registration Department.

He said although the ruling was made by the National Fatwa Council in 2000, the director-general of the department had used his discretion to allow adoptive fathers to lend their names to their adopted children without having the bin or binti.

The mother, who has a 15-year-old son with her husband, adopted the baby girl over a year ago.
She said all Muslim adoptive parents would have to undergo a two-year cooling off period before they could change the parents' names in the child's birth certificate.

“We have waited for a year but we are devastated by the announcement,” she said, adding that they did not mind if her adopted child were not registered with a binti when she is given a new name.

She hoped the Government could overturn the ruling, which had made it difficult for adoptive parents to explain do the explanation the situation to the child.

“We have planned to tell her that she is adopted when she is five years old and before she goes to school.

“If such ruling is implemented, she will know it immediately that she is not our biological daughter, as she would not carry her father's name like her brother,” she said.

Yayasan Salam consultant and Rumah NurSalam adviser Dr Hartini Zainuddin said people who had planned to adopt a child from the home had “pulled out.”

“Adoptive parents and certainly the father would have a reasonable expectation that he would be named as the father of the child as he fully expects to act in the role of the child's father for the remainder of the child's life.

“It is only natural that such fathers would remain reluctant to enter into any adoption,'' she added.

Dr Hartini, who is in the midst of adopting two children, said the new directive outraged many adoptive parents who were halfway through the adoption process

seals: As I mentioned in my earlier postings related to adoption, if the government don't get ore open and respect the need of an adopting parent and to make it more easy and "closed", the options will always be the illegal way. Then don't go around arresting the agents and doctors and parents because the cause of proliferation of the illegal way, is the government itself!

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