Sunday, July 13, 2008

KLIA LIMO ....again..

This time I called to book a budget limo to KLIA......hmmm what is the story this time...

I called the call center lady answered and I told her the pickup time (11.30am) then she asked for my flight time and I told here the time (2.00pm). Then she told me you have to be at airport 2 hours before the flight time and she said LIMO will pick me up at 1100 am. I insisted the pickup time to me 1100hrs ( she did not even ask me where to pick me up from). She said it is their company policy to pick up 3 hours before flight time.

Then I asked her if I m from Malacca is it still 3 hours she said "no", then I asked if I m from Sepang (near to airport) is it still 3 hours she said "no". Then the call dropped

I called again, the same lady answered, I insisted that the pickup time is 11.30am and she insisted 11.00am. When I demanded she hang up the phone saying if you can't follow our policy we cannot take your booking..... (pls note she did not even ask my location)

But my point was, they can advice but the customer will decide. When I asked her when I made use of KLIA LIMO last month twice, there was no such requirements, she could not answer.

But for me it is my decision to travel to KLIA 2 1/2 hours before flight. As my time to KLIA is about 20mins. Many times I almost slept off while waiting for boarding time and almost missed my flights. I think we are matured enough to decide and take responsibility on the travel time. Especially frequent flyer's like me.

This time I used a town taxi and he picked me up at 11.30am and I was in KLIA by 12noon and checked in and was in the boarding area by 12.30pm and it was still a boring wait till 2.00pm.

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Anonymous said...

This Call Center is catering International Customers (Malaysian Image is at stake), the operators definately needs proper skills and training.

This is not the only issue. The Taxi/Limo drivers are corrupted as well. They will give whatever reasons to have you pay extra and into their pocket.

If the Ticket Zone is not as expected, they should clarify with the ticket booth. Instead the taxi driver will ask you to pay for the higher price. This is spoiling Malaysian image.