Saturday, June 28, 2008

MAS raises surcharge

MAS raises surcharge

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is increasing fuel surcharge by 10% to 30% on all international sectors from today.

For between Malaysia and India, the fuel surcharge for one-way will increase from RM288 to RM406; Malaysia and Australia/New Zealand, from RM457 to RM643; and Malaysia and Britain (from RM575 to RM771).

A few days ago, MAS had forewarned that it would be a “very tough” ride ahead.

MAS managing director Datuk Seri Idris Jala had said the increase in fuel surcharge would be “competitive”.

Fuel accounts for 40% of an airline’s total cost and jet fuel hit a record US$173.55 (RM560.56) a barrel on May 27 before falling to US$161.85 (RM522.77) in Singapore last Friday.

In a circular issued by MAS' regional general manager office, travel agents were notified of the revised surcharge via e-mail yesterday.

Lotus Travel managing director K. Thangavelu said the increase was high and would definitely affect passengers and the travel industry as many might reduce their trips.

“The spiralling oil prices had pushed airfares to ridiculous levels with fuel surcharge costing more than the tickets in certain instances.’’

Malaysia Airlines is expected to announce the new fares officially at a press conference today.
MAS' last fuel surcharge increase was three weeks ago.

seals: this is norm of MAS ... being poor in service they tryo to make fast money....even if you give free tickets it is not worth flying with you. I shall change to SIA/Kris flyer soon
As a frequentflyer I have been busy tracking missing entries of my flights...poor management

Then .... I never know sandwich can be a Asian Vegetarian Meal (AVML)

I smelled lousy, the box was presentable but when I opened the box it put me off. I saw around me people was showing a "yucks" face as they open the box 9even for the one who got the "chicken & fish" as I heard the cabin crew offered) . Many did not eat the food, there was lots of wastage. When I asked the crew said this is brunch and it was 11.30am ...flying flight MH752

Next... on the same flight....

Hmmmm what is that cup doing up there? ............where?

Up at the air blower (air conditioner) in the toilet of the aeroplane....
Now it is clear....I was surprised to see it up there. It was B737-400, when I wet to toilet noticed a paper cup that is placed in the wash place was used as a cover to replace a (i guess) broken air vent. It was pushed out from inside and small holes was made on the bottom of the cup for the air to come out.

Below is the same cup that was placed at the wash area.

I propose all fly Air Asia where ever can. AirAsia I am waiting for your flight to India......almost 70% increase for India is stupid!!!!!

I guess this will be my last MAS flight...... changing to SIA/STAR ALLIANCE. I thought to drop it after I claim my points ...guess not worth.....for a company that made me eat chicken and insisted it was chicken. And served fish as appetizer.

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