Friday, June 20, 2008


At 1.05 am on 20th June 2008 I called KLIA Limo (87873030), and for 10 mins I tried it was engaged....."USER BUSY"

Then called 87873678 (after I check in web), he gave me 87873587 as he only deal with out going taxis.

I called 87873587, the man there said no taxis available for booking. All taxis are booked.

And he hangup on me when I was demanding a taxi and when I call back no one answer.

Then I called 03-87762000, I complain to Mr Azmi b. Hafizan. He said he will talk to the supervisor of KLIA Limo.

At 1.29am Mr Mizi from KLIA Limo called and he did not know what was the problem and I told him. He said he can't do much as he arrange for out going taxis. Then he tried to help, he called me back as asked me to call back 03-87873030 that they will arrange a taxi. I called 03-87873030, again it was in .............."USER BUSY".

When I called back Mr Mizi @ 03-87873678 and told him it was still engage, he asked me to call 03-87873587. I called, I guess this was my bad luck that this line for now was engage.

The as i was drafting this report(1.55am), I got a call from 014-64442xx asking for details of locations to pickup.

How come you say no taxi when you control the taxi operations and even get the law to kick out the town taxis. You demand control but you cannot deliver?

What kind of Taxi service do you provide? Not answering calls, keep the line engage when it should be a call center for KLIA Limo..the first point where Malaysia is presented.

psst: I hope the taxi that called me don't sabotage me by delaying.....

Malaysia Oh Malaysia .... 2.00 am


Anonymous said...

Wonder if KLIA Limo Management knew about their "Internal" Operator doing their own out-sourcing business of Taxi Service :) , especially for Subang Jaya Area.

rozizan osman said...