Monday, April 14, 2008

Future Destroyers....

seals: "Jangan kita leka sehaigga musuh di dalam selimut menikan kita. Jangan disebabkan kita Malaysia jatuh ketangan yang tidak sepatutnya" UM should take the disciplinary action against Afandy for his un-called speech. If thy don't take then we know the UM management are at the same side ... erase the past and generate destroyers.

He calls the Indians, Chinese and others "musuh di dalam selimut" (The enemy within)

A comment taken from a mail that was send to "PM Malaysia"

1) First and foremost, since when did Universiti Malaya became Universiti Melayu?

2) How dare this Indonesian migrant going around and saying that other races are “musuh dalam selimut”?

3) And lastly, did you guys noticed the seal on the right-hand side? It seems that “Hal Ehwal Pelajar & Alumni of UM” had APPROVED the letter, despite the contents of the letter!

If we have this kind of freaks in public universities, then how should we expect the rankings of public universities to go up further? Universiti Malaya was ranked 89th in 2004, and dropped to 169th in 2005 and to make matters worst, it went to 192th position in 2006. In 2007, in conjunction with Malaysia’s 50th Independence anniversary, the rankings had brought a big shame to all of us when UM dropped out of the list of top 200 universities in the world!

I feel threatened with the letter. Our fellow UM students would feel the same too. The author of the letter is a threat to other races in Malaysia and he is inciting racism amongst the students in UM.

He is a bloody racist.

Now, where is the bloody ISA?

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