Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Paper lingerie a 'hot' item

Paper lingerie a 'hot' item
PENANG: Dressing up in sexy undergarments is not only for the living, it seems, as paper paraphernalia burnt for the dead now include lingerie.
Selling like hot cakes at Choon Ban Heong in Magazine Road here were sets of matching cardboard-made brassieres and panties in various colours and designs.
The colourful brassieres, ranging from simple plain colour ones to sexy leopard prints, were also carefully lined with colourful trimmings and decorated with tiny paper butterflies.
Shop owner Tay Lay Nah said the "intimate clothing" was already in the market last year but had improved a lot in its design and patterns.
“The paper undergarments that we imported from China this year were of much better quality.
“They also came in more creative designs this year, such as the sweet flowery prints and sophisticated monogram designs to cater to different tastes,” she said.
Tay said the underwear sets, selling at RM4 each, received good response from her clients.
“Most customers find them very cute and usually added a few sets to go with other paper clothing and items such as dresses, bags and shoes for their female family members to use in the other world,” she added.
She said many of the popular designs were already sold out earlier although Qing Ming only falls on April 4.


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