Friday, April 04, 2008

More Faces at ToFA Fun Fare - Children

(click on the picture to see about 32 more pictures)

Its is always exciting working on photography with children. Maybe with babies can be tough but the innocent children they express easily and they become very photogenic....the expression and the way they send thoughts .. it is lovely. I regret I did not get her mail address, at least i could send the beautiful photos to her. This was one of my best...hmmm I can't claim "my best" but she did expressed well.
Photos were taken at the "tattoo" booth at the fun fare, I really enjoyed the expression of the children

Beauty is the mind and the way the subject captures ones mind and heart!!!

GOD is the creator and the creation and it is the beauty...there is no such thing as is only ones perception!


tulipspeaks said...

beautiful girl with strong expressive eyes!

love this shot!


Seal in Astral said...

did you see all the pics...i love it...her look was sharp and lovely smile. Thank GOD that i had the chance to take the pics