Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why did the Chicken Cross the road?

Opps it was not a chicken this time is a .....
Last week noon I was driving along LDP after Puchong TOLL, suddenly saw a big cat below the divider. I stop and came back to the dead cat. Not because it was a cat but at a fast glance it looked like a Cheetah (Harimau Bintang). With the spot and the shape.....

I crossed the road and had a close look, it was not a baby cheetah ...was glad but still sad this mountain cat (wild cat) is dead. Don't blame the cat for crossing. We humans have trespass to their territory, the Bukit Jalil reserved jungle is being cleared heartlessly....where will these fellows go?
It used to be a 15KM width but now only the (not the GOD) politicians knows.

I am not against development, but plan it and leave green lungs and natures as it is.


Anonymous said...

Ayoooooooooooo.. so sad lah.. now whole day i wont be able to take that image out of my mind! :( Of cuz its our fault!!! Poor thing!

DeepA said...

Looks like a cross breed.

Well said. Development is good. However, we should aim for sustainable development, keeping in mind the importance of both social and environmental well being. All these while, only the economical component has been emphasized.

Nature and us are unseparated. The damage done will eventually hit us back. Nowadays instantaneously! In Tamil they say Arasan Anru kolvan Theivam ninru Kollum! (Man proposes God disposes)


Anonymous said...

Mountain cat is from leapord family