Friday, February 29, 2008

Shocked To See It

I was in Pandan Indah on Monday 25th Feb and 27th Feb 2008.

On 25th Feb:
I was coming from the road from the Market turning into the road that leads to MPAJ Hall. The light turn green and my car moved to turn. Reaching the center of the junction a bunch of motorcyclist stopped right in front of me and stopped me. Then they made hand movement like the traffic police does, to allow the traffic from the opposite direction that turns towards the same direction that I am going to move even though it is a RED light for them. The I saw a dark color painted car with lots of BN flag coming out from the traffic and moving on to the road that I am suppose to go. It looks like the BN supporters took control of the traffic and the role of the Police. The whole bunch moved towards the housing area nearby.

On 27th Feb 2008:

I was coming from the same market area but this time I was at the "T" junction near the market towards the traffic light that I was stopped on 25th Feb 2008. But thing time I was on the way to Ring Road. As I turn from at the "T" junction towards the road leads to the Traffic light...again a bunch of motorcyclist stopped me, it was too inside for me to stop and I had to move on, I did not see and police car or ambulance. Then I saw a bunch of motorcyclist about 40 or more was in front and back of me and further back I saw a car with BN logo and I told my self this must the "VIP". All the motorcyclist was trying to clear the whole road to allow the "VIP" to have a smooth ride.

I guess even the KING would not have this much of outriders...

Most of the motorcyclist was having the "glowing stick" (or whatever you can call it, that I have seen traffic police using it to control traffic) to move the traffic aside. Suddenly I heard a not too loud police siren just next to me. He was too close and showing his hands asking me to move aside.

By then they moved the right turning lane and I stayed on the lane that suppose to go straight. The I saw the motorcyclist that had the siren was wearing a reflective jacket that said at the back "KESELAMATAN". He was wearing a sandal. And they did the same, stop the other traffic and allow the "VIP" traffic to go even on RED light.

What would have happen if DAP or KEADILAN or PAS would have done this?


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