Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Road signs should be in other languages, too

FOR too long, the Little Napoleons with their political masters have done and acted as they like, without care or concern for the other races.
They, more than anyone, do more harm to racial harmony and unity by implementing laws and regulations creating unrest and controversies with the other races, for example, the anti-dog campaign.
With all the matters of importance to attend to, like potholes, broken public amenities, traffic chaos, bad road conditions and so on, they choose to spend public funds and their time going around changing road signs.
They say it is to encourage tourists from the Middle East! How many Arabs will visit Taman Seputeh? Why the emphasis on Arab tourists? The millions of tourists to our country are not solely Arabs. Why are the signs not in Mandarin or Tamil as well?
The ACA should investigate who are the directors and beneficiaries in the companies contracted to provide these signs.
We are fed up of hearing the little Napoleons complain that they are short of funds, when the funds are diverted for useless and controversial purposes.

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