Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fire Yogi

He is Sri Sri Rambhavu Swamigal of ShanthaAshram, Srinivasapura, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
Guruji has served his Guru Sri Ramachandendra Saraswathi Swamigal and has attained Manthara Siddhi.

He leads a Spartan life and lives on 2 banana and a tumble of milk daily. It is 27 years since he drank water, nor does he take any other fruits. Slender in appearance but mighty in powers he performs the Homam in his characteristic unhurried manner. He has acquired tremendous powers through apasana and it is thrilling experience to watch him bath in the sacrificial fire of the Homam.

The performance of this yagna will not only benefit the local residence but also the entire universe .. as the Upanishad statement goes " A tree in full bloom will send out its fragrance as far as the wind will waft.

The Uchishta Ganapathy Manthra is highly powerful it can cure chronic diseases, warding of evils, creating friendly feelings, fulfilment of one's desires are some of the important effects of this mantra.

He has the Poorna Anugraha of His Guru. He is also a great poet, philosopher, dramatist, composer, musician and Vedic scholar

seals: the few days I was there gave me the real inside of the strength of the yagna. The best was the last day. I guess the days made my mind and consciousness tuned and the last day made me experience power of the yagna.

I also saw a child admitted at ICU got transferred to normal ward and was discharged on the last day of the yagna as the prayers were directed to her. Also saw improvements for a special child...
The power of the prayer...GOD is absolute.
I was told he will be in Singapore in June 2008.

To Contact the YOGI :

R. Rambhavuswami

No: 30D, Giri Road Srinivasapuram,
Thanjavur-613 009, Tamil Nadu

Ph: +914362-222708

Chennai Address:

No: 86/2, Mundakakanni Amman Kovil Street
Mylapore, Chennai 600 004


DeepA said...

Seal......do keep us posted the exact date he will be here next......Thanks a zillion

p/s I am awaiting ur comment on why he does what he does....especially the fire rolling part....

Venkat said...


I basically hail from Thanjavur and am interested to know the contact details of Guruji so that I can seek his blessing.

Venkat R

Seal in Astral said...

Hi Venkat, The yogi is at Thanjavur. I will try to get more details.

Anonymous said...

Iam from trichur, kerala and i need to know a lot more about the Uchishta Ganapathi mantra as it came to me 2 years back.Any drop of knowledge will be helpfull beacause every upasak or thanthrik cannot comment on this one.
Thank You.

Seal in Astral said...

I think to know Uchishta Ganapathi mantra the best person with be guruji HIMSELF visit him at Tanjavuur.

Khadakarnan said...

Thanks for the comment but can i get contact number or address of Swamiji it will really be helpfull.

Seal in Astral said...

Hi Thanks for the interest, I have updated the posting with his address and the contact number. Do call Him if you are planning to visit him.

May God Bless You ... Sreeramajayam

Khadakarnan said...


Vignesh said...

This is an old post, but any idea if swami will be traveling to Malaysia / Singapore this year 2010? Thanks.

Seal in Astral said...

hi... Vignesh, as at now, NO I have no information. But few of my friends do visit him at his Ashram at Tajavoor .. I will post here if He is coming again

S M said...

one can swami any time. he is very simple and speaks to any one like a friend. But ensure to call before u go to know that he is available. Srinivas

Anonymous said...

Dear Divine family members,

I humbly request with bowed head, If any one aware of "Sri Uchista Ganapati", sadana, request them to infprm me to following mail.

Anonymous said...

hw u knw he has attianed mantra siddhia????still he is old.......he didnt overcome old age????

Akhila said...

Hello Sir,
Namasthe! I am hardcore believer of Sri Shiridi Sai Baba! Yesterday I some how got to know about Swami by the grace of Baba. Is it possible to pass his contact number and address so that I will be able to contact him. Now I am in London, so it will be nice of you if u at least pass me his number so that I will take his blessings !!! I want to now more about him and his spiritual encounters and visit him!
Thanks & Regards