Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why AG appeared for charging 26 Hindraf supporters but did not appear for Altantunya murder trial?

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It was my question too when I read .....

They were represented by a team of 17 lawyers led by G.K. Ganesan and M. Manoharan from the Bar Council.
Manoharan also informed the court that none of the 26 accused was given food or drink when the police picked them up from their homes.
There was also a shouting match during proceedings when Manoharan submitted the attendance of Abdul Gani may intimidate Sessions Court judge Azimah Omar who was hearing the case.
Abdul Gani said the defence should not make this an issue and also not insinuate that race was an issue.
Azimah assured Manoharan she was undaunted by Abdul Gani's presence and that she was only interested in seeing that justice was done. Abdul Gani objected to bail as the offence for attempted murder and causing mischief were non-bailable.
Ganesan said the defence was not prepared to submit on the issue of bail and asked that the matter be heard today.

I am sure and double sure race is not the issue here and the people are living happy together. Friends are still friends and will every be friends.

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Crankshaft said...

We are BEYOND boleh!! Heck, this mythical policeman with the few miserable stitches on his head from being attacked with bricks and iron pipes is DA BOMB!!! I wanna meet him!! I wanna shake his hand!! I wanna get his autograph!!

He makes triple-H look like a wuss. The Rock is a sissy next to him. Cena is a ninny. Stone Cold is a wimp. They could never take on 26 guys all at one time.

Not our cop. He must be one heck of a tough dude. Imagine being able to fight off 26 guys who were hell-bent on murdering him and living to tell the tale.

Not one, not two, but twenty-freaking-six men!!!

Why oh why, is our government incapable of coming up with anything believable??