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Government doing its best for Indians, says PM

ALOR GAJAH: An outraged Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yesterday blasted Hindraf’s claims of the mistreatment of Malaysian Indians as lies intended to divide the races and destroy the country’s peace.

“I rarely get angry but this time I am very angry and this is something I cannot accept,”he said.
The prime minister took grave exception to a memorandum asking the British government to lead an international condemnation of Malaysia ’s “atrocities” against Indians. “Hindraf is making baseless allegations and wants the United Kingdom to move an emergency United Nations resolution condemning ethnic cleansing in Malaysia. “Tell me, do you believe there is ethnic cleansing in Malaysia? Is there ethnic cleansing, tell me? If this happened, I will resign,” Abdullah said at a press conference after launching Kampung Tanjung Bidara as the country’s second Islam Hadhari village.

“Tell me, you are an Indian and so are you (referring to Indian reporters), have we been doing it for the past 50 years, have we done this?”he asked. “Malaysianswould not believe it.
Even the Indians who are Hindus do not believe it. Ethnic cleansing was perpetrated in Bosnia where the Serbs attacked the Bosnians to chase them out and make them non-existent. It was backed by the state. We do not do this here,” he said. Hindraf legal adviser P. Uthayakumar has resorted to the British before. In May 2004, he went to London to apply for asylum alleging police harassment in relation to a death-in-custody case he had taken up.

He returned to Malaysia about a month later after Tan Sri Musa Hassan, then the federal CID director and now inspector-general of police, advised him to substantiate his allegations.
Abdullah also slammed Hindraf’s charge that “government backed armed Islamic extremists” had destroyed a temple in Klang.

“There is no such thing. This a lie conjured by certain groups to create hatred among the Indians for the government.” In its memorandum, Hindraf also appealed to the British government to refer Malaysia to the World Court and the International Criminal Court for “crimes against ethnic minority Indians”. Describing the Indian community as “innocent and good people”, Abdullah said it had contributed to nation- building.

“They have done their part and supported the government. They are strong supporters of the Barisan Nasional and they surely do so because they believe we are fair to all.” Abdullah said the government was doing its best for the Indians and cited his experience in helping the community in his parliamentary constituency of Kepala Batas. “There are many Indians in Kepala Batas and I help them.

Funds are provided to repair their temples as we respect their religion. “They are not our enemy but we sit together and muafakat (co-operate). ” Abdullah said MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu was constantly bringing the community’s requests to him. “Samy makes requests to me for the Indian community and I approve and give them grants. I have never said no. We support the Indians but there are some quarters inciting them and making them unhappy with the government.” The prime minister called on Malaysians, especially the Indians, to carefully evaluate the Hindraf memorandum and statements.

“I do not want Indians to be duped by them.” Abdullah said many had gone to Hindraf’s illegal rally to hear what it had to say about the oppression of and crimes against the Indian community by the government.

“These are all lies that can cause racial conflict in the country, especially between the Indians and Malays. Is this what we want? In Malaysia, there has been no conflict between the Muslims and Indians or Islam and Hinduism. It has never happened,”he said. Abdullah felt Hindraf’s bigger motive was to cause chaos and disturb the peace.

“This country has rules and laws. We have a constitution and we are successful today as we abide by it and hold firmly to the Rukun Negara.” Asked for his views on other planned street demonstrations, Abdullah said he had instructed the police to deal with them and take the appropriate measures.

This month, the Bar Council is staging its annual walk for human rights while Bersih is planning a demonstration outside Parliament House on Dec 11 to protest a constitutional amendment allowing election commissioners to serve until the age of 66. A third demonstration is being planned by the opposition and non-governmental organisations to protest road toll increases due next year. “I have asked the police to talk to them and do what is appropriate.
In fact, this should not happen.

Why must street demonstrations be chosen to bring change and present demands?”he asked. (seals: You are asking why? Because there were no action from you when it was addressed to you. Le me ask you again .... why you did not solve the matter in the beginning until the Ministers of MCA and MIC had to give you a memorandum. You are good in "wait till last min". And yest you rejected the memo. Who is at fault?

As an example, he said many of the proposals of the Bersih demonstration on Nov 10 had already been fulfilled. The Election Commission had introduced the use of indelible ink and transparent ballot boxes. In addition, the names of the dead had been erased under an exercise to clean up the electoral roll. Abdullah said the Election Commission had worked out arrangements for party representatives to be present when postal votes were cast. “But despite this, they do not believe us but think only they (the opposition) are right. If we are a rotten government, we would have been removed as the people are not stupid and cannot be cheated.” Abdullah said the BN had governed for 50 years and had brought development.

“I admit there are weaknesses and there is still work to be done. (seals: If you know, why arrest them and did not address it when they came to meet you in Putrajaya?)

There is no country in the world or any leader who can say he has done everything and there are no more poor people in his country.” He pointed out that development was a process that did not end. “There are still poor people (in the country) and we still need to bring them out of poverty. We have to strengthen ties between the races and religions.” Abdullah said he was not prepared to leave the country hostage to irresponsible groups.

“I do not want our country, which is growing steadily and attracting investors, to be destroyed.
I do not want the country to be in disarray as a result of the action of an irresponsible few.”

seals: If you are doing the best as the header says then you would have listen to any group who comes to you to adress matters and act on it.

A good leader will be far sighted, you did not have that and many times failed to address matters when it comes to your hand but say this and that when it gets out of hands ...who's mistake is this?

MIC is scared that HINDRAF will be more popular then them is all bout politics and power not people

I wish Tun Dr M is the PM still and we will never see a leader like that ever in malaysia history.

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We cannot lose sight of the fact that no matter how heinous the activity complained of may appear, accusations remain mere accusations until and unless they are made out in a court of law. Every person is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

The Prime Minister has publicly declared that the authorities have evidence of the alleged terrorist links HINDRAF is said to have ('Close watch on Hindraf', The Star, 08.12.2007). Minister Nazri has also publicly declared the existence of such links ('Link is with Tamil Tigers and India's Rss, says Nazri', The Star, 08.12.2007). If this is the case, then there is more reason for the five or any number of other persons involved to be appropriately charged and prosecuted.

If the government has clear and convincing evidence that the five had committed grave offences, they should be charged in court allowing them an open trial and an opportunity to defend themselves instead of being incarcerated under a regime where proof is not necessary at all.

No, no, no Pak Lah.
It must be proven to the public convincingly that road chosen by them is wrong in our community. It is true, there are many poor Indians and others as well. The poverty issue must be addressed.
To jail them, will galvanise their followers. In two years they will emerge as Nelson Mandelas of Malaysia. (Whether you believe it or not.)
This is not the time to use an iron fist. It is easier to break a vase than to make one.

I say it again. Indians must have pride. Deliver your votes to the opposition. After all you are at the lowest ebb already. whether Samy Vellu wins or not makes no diference to your quality of life.I would vote for opposition, be it DAP, PAS or Keadilan. At least these people can check the excessof the government which is running out of control.
At this very moment, my sincere prayers go to those heroes who are detained. May God protect them from evil and harms way!

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