Thursday, October 25, 2007


If you see my profile, I said my fave movie is POWDER. I am sure many would have laughed if there is such a movie called POWDER. And would have assumed it could be a funny movie or some laughing thing.

But if you really see it and follow word by word and merge with the role of "POWDER" and what he feels and experience, at the end I bet you will cry! You can see the last part on this clip.

I am not sure if you can anywhere get the movie in VIDEO/CD rental or if you can buy it. But I was lucky to get one at Bangsar MPH and I have safe keep it.

Today I saw the clip that was presented at my friends blog ...... made me happy I can share it with you. And I also notice there are many in this world like the movie (click the title "powder" in my profile or click here on the word powder)

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