Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dad Goes in for Surgery

From Marina Mahatir's Blog

Monday, September 3, 2007

Dad Goes in for Surgery

Dear folks, as you must have read by now, my Dad will undergo another bypass operation tomorrow. His first one was in January 1989 so it's been 18 years since his last one which is really good going. The operation tomorrow will be performed by the same team that performed the first bypass led by Tan Sri Yahya Awang and Datuk Dr Razali Watooth.

Additionally they will also have the expert hands of Dr Hartzell Schaff, Chief Cardiac Surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in the US. Dr Schaff has operated several times with Tan Sri Yahya at IJN before.In December 2005, my Dad had a check-up by the IJN team led by Datuk Seri Dr Robaayah Zambahari and the decision then was that he did not need surgery again.

However after three episodes in fairly quick succession since, this decision was relooked at. Hence two weeks ago, he went in for some tests and an angiogram to determine the next course of action after which this decision to redo the bypass was made. At 82 he is probably the oldest person to have a redo in Malaysia although Dr Schaff has done plenty in the US.

But as Rocky says, he's tough so God willing, all will be fine.

I am going to be holed up at IJN for next 24 hours or so and may not have access to the Internet so please forgive me if I can't update you very often. But any prayers sent our way will be very much appreciated.

(Pic shows my Mum, Dad and my daughter ShaSha at IJN yesterday, Sunday Sept 2 2007)Thank you.

Lets pray for a successful operation and fast recovery.....

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