Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Car park shelter to curb loitering

Car park shelter to curb loitering
The Immigration Department has decided to house foreign workers not picked up by their agents in a shelter at the KL International Airport car park to prevent them from loitering in the airport. Department director-general Datuk Wahid Don said having them everywhere at the airport would create an “unpleasant” situation for other users. “We can’t have them running around the airport and congesting the premises of KLIA,” he said. “This is the main reason they are being placed in the airport’s car park, which has been converted into a temporary shelter,” he said.

Wahid was referring to reports of thousands of foreign workers, mainly Bangladeshis, who have had to literally live in the car park on level three of Block A after arriving in the country while waiting to be picked up by their agents in Malaysia. Some have even spent up to two days making the concrete floor their bed due to miscommunication of their agents in Bangladesh and Malaysia, which has caused the delay in their pick-up.

Wahid, however, explained that the car park was undergoing construction to become a permanent office for foreign worker transitions. “This new office will handle the processing of visas and paperwork for foreign workers by Sept 30,” he said, adding that most of the workers had already been picked up by their respective agents as of yesterday.

A check by The Star on Friday also found that a temporary Immigration counter had been set up to deal with foreign worker agents who came to pick up their workers. When contacted, Home Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho said he would consider imposing stern action on the agents who have neglected to pick up their foreign workers.


My Comment:

Below, a photo taken outside the Bangladesh Embassy

I was told that the workers paid Rm15,000.00 for job that was promised by the agents. When they arrive here there were no job for them. The workers now demanding something to be done . I am sure it is a saving of their lifetime that they used to come here to hope to earn more. And the practically live in the embassy area.

My question...will the permits issued if there are no verification from a Malaysian company? If "YES" (Malaysia issue without any valid documents then i guess ACA has to look into this.

If "NO" how come the agents are not called up by the government or the Immigration to get then the job or pay back the money and send them back?

Who is at fault? Why are they left stranded?

And it is funny that the government allow/builds shelter then calling up the agents/company and order then to do what they are suppose to do.

What is happening Malaysia? They are human too ...and they are here to earn for living !!!!

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