Thursday, July 26, 2007


For my Punjabi friends and viewers who have not been to Amritstar Temple

This was one of my best travel I did in India with my friends and office mates from India. It was an ad-hoc plan and we left to Chandigarh and then to darmadsala (where Dalai Lama lives) Sad that he was in Allahabad for Kumbh mela (did not see him).

Then we stayed in Darmadsala. And this was the day india had the massive earthquake that hit Gujarat and surroundings in 2001. We did not feel it but i saw the water from the swimming pool was splashing out as though the whole pool was rocked. Then we thought something wrong with the pool and did nothing.
Then we went to see Karmapalapa. Managed to get his blessing.

Then we drove along the hills and visited monasteries and wend to Punjab. Stayed there and went the holy Amritstar temple. Was very near to the Waga Boarder and then we came back to Delhi. We heard about the earth quake but was not told how bad it was until I reach KL

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