Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Life In Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - Culture

I saw this mosque the last time I was here many years back. Now it looks nice and big

I have been here few times but I never spotted the Lord Murugan Temple in the city. Further to my surprise there were 2 temple. When I was there I only saw locals and there were some Indians (suppose from India). There was a Tamil song was being played in praise of Lord Murugan. I did not want to meet the priest because I don't know what to talk...hehehehe

The above picture was taken from my room.

One thing I noticed here is that every one makes an effort to do something to earn living, even to the level of selling basic things like sweets. They are hard working and the man was more into other services like transport.

Cool buildings.... this is the downtown...I was told office space here at Ho Chi Minh can cost about USD40 a square feet or for the highest bidder... wow!

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