Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Life In Ho Chi Minh - Transport

For tourist .... they take around tourist in hourly rate.
You will find many guys offering transport for a fare. The above picture is of a "taxi" man resting during the hot sun

To see 3 or 4 passengers on a motorcycle is common. And you have to be careful (if you are driving) with the motorcycle riders as they will cut and move as they like. Once I was in a taxi a motorcyclist over took us from right to left as were were moving and immediately he made a "U" turn to go to the on coming direction. This is common and as they are aware of such things and this has avoid accidents. And no one shouts or curse at each other.

I am sure if it is Malaysia, there would have been a fight.

The other thing that I observe is the usage of Horn. It made me feel like I am in India. But this is a very effective way to keep everyone alert and avoid accidents.

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