Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Best Place With Worst Price

I am not new to airports and flying been flying for many years. But recently as I was waiting for my flight, I was hungry and went to shop for some food ...

The moment I see the price, I was not hungry anymore .... Nasi Lemak that cost about RM3.00 (since it is said SPECIAL) was sold at RM8.00 and the mineral water that I can get at about RM1.50 was being sold at RM3.90.

My advice to Malaysians .... eat all you can at home before coming to KLIA


tulipspeaks said...

hahahaha... same scenario in Genting Highland!

i'm adding u in my google reader. hope u dont mind.


Anonymous said...

Totally true. Once my cousin and i picked up fruit juices for the whole family who had come to see us off. It turned out to be 4.90 per small box that normally is only RM1 anywhere else. We just returned it to them and told them to keep it! It is daylight robbery man!!