Saturday, July 07, 2007

Arriving in Hanoi

First of all I regret of not taking a photo that had a view of a VN airline in the middle of a padi field. The airport is in the middle of padi field. When i was leaving the airport, from where i was ... it made it look like the aircraft is parked in the middle of the padi field. It was was full of padi field till I read the town.

During a conversation on a mail with my friend in Sweden, she said now days many have moved into blogging. I agreed and the point that I thought of was, the modern life has lost the value of human relationship and human to human communication. That they have resort to talking to computers in hope that the others will read it. This is one way of the way they off load the stress and emotion and mind boiling matters which we in past talk to our close friends and family and share the load. How much does this happen now? And how much the person to person communication is in effect now days? I guess we have now moved to talk to computers.
I would say it is because we have lost the human communication and its value!
The other point that I see in blogging is some has start blogging as part of advertising (like me) and extending what the public media is not doing. This is good. But something has to done foe the one who shuts them self and uses blogging as a way to express them self

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