Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jais acted within the law

Jais acted within the law

PETALING JAYA: The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) insists it acted within the law when its enforcement officers detained a woman for allegedly committing khalwat (close proximity) with her Hindu “husband” in Klang on April 28.
“Certain media reports had made out the detention to be a case of Jais trying to break up families. That is not true at all. The woman was detained on suspicions of committing khalwat because she was with a man.
“When our enforcement officers asked the couple to produce their marriage certificate, they failed to do so,” said Jais director Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi.
He added that Jais had followed all procedures before the detention, for the case to stand in the syariah court.
In the incident, it was reported that Jais had taken away the Muslim wife of a 25-year-old lorry driver who is a Hindu.
Jais enforcement officers allegedly told the husband that their Hindu marriage was void.
The husband then filed a notice of motion to the Shah Alam High Court through lawyer Karpal Singh to be reunited with his wife, whom he believed was under the custody of Jais.
Mohd Khusrin said Jais had received two complaints alleging the Muslim woman was cohabitating with a man.
It is believed one of the complainants was the woman’s brother.
After the complainants filled up the necessary papers, Jais started the investigation under Section 29 of the Selangor Syariah Crime Enactment 1995.
“We detained the woman based on the complaints and also because she could not produce any relevant marriage documents when asked.
“We did not detain the man because he is not a Muslim and not subjected to Syariah laws. It is clear Jais is not prejudiced or acted irrationally in this matter,” said Mohd Khusrin.
He added that the woman had voluntarily asked Jais to place her at the Pusat Pemurnian Akidah in Hulu Selangor to strengthen her faith.
“We can prove all our procedures were conducted according to the law and without any coercion involved,” he said.

Extracted from The Star

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