Friday, June 08, 2007

Deeksha - Permanent Enlightenment

Deeksha Permanent Enlightenment

Deeksha (also spelled diksha) is a Sanskrit word, meaning benediction or invocation of divine help; in this case, a divine energy transfer. Described as a golden ball of energy descending into the head, this energy activates a shift in the brain, allowing you to realize your oneness with all creation. This is the true meaning of “enlightenment”—a state of mind that is in constant recognition of the reality of oneness. The cause of the majority of suffering in the world is a sense of separation, from the world itself, each other, and from our source. But the pure energy transferred through deeksha helps you realize that the sense of a separate self is an illusion. And, once this higher state of consciousness is attained, it is permanent. To experience the divine energy transfer of deeksha, you do not need to change your lifestyle or make any vows. It is not limited to followers of any one religion, nor does it come with rules for the practice of a set of rituals. The state of mind attained with deeksha is not one that can be pursued or attained through personal effort. Only someone specifically trained can activate the various centers in the brain with their energy, initiating the process of change that allows an intelligent flow of cosmic energy to elevate you into an altered state, restructuring the brain and awakening the seeker to the awareness of wholeness and oneness. Since it is a biological event, it can be experienced by anybody. Though enlightenment doesn't happen instantly for everyone, lives have changed significantly in terms of overall happiness, a capacity for love, and a sense of peace. Those who have attained enlightenment say it is not a mystical state that takes you out of the world, but it allows you to experience the divine in everyday life. Because of this, each time another person accepts deeksha and raises their consciousness, all of us move toward the ultimate goal of uplifting the consciousness of humanity to one of connection and unity.

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