Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shiridi Baba

Taken from Forwarded Mail ( and my view

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Sai Devotee Sri L K Noolkar

Lakshman K. Noolkar, who was sub-judge at Pandharpur in 1909, while Nana G Chandorkar was Deputy Collector there, was being induced to go to Shirdi by the latter. Lakshman K.

Noolkar: I cannot go until I get a Brahmin cook and good Nagpur oranges for presentation. I can find neither of these. N G Chandorkar: Baba's grace will provide. That night a Brahmin cook came to N G Chandorkar and wanted service and was referred to Noolkar who engaged him. In the morning Noolkar found a parcel of excellent Nagpur oranges and no trace could be found as to who the sender was.

Any how, Noolkar, convinced of Baba's miraculous powers of providing the needful, started with N G Chandorkar and went to Baba. Baba: Nana, who is this notorious crazy person whom you have brought with you?

Next day when Noolkar visited Masjid. Baba was in a furious mood and seizing his head, knocked it against the pillar saying, "Your existence or truth will be lost or your unreality will be lost". Noolkar was much afraid; but N G Chandorkar, gave an optimistic interpretation of these occurrences.

That night Noolkar suddenly got up and asked Nana for betel (paan), which Noolkar was not ordinarily using. Just at that time, Baba was at the mosque far away. Baba to someone present: Take these four bidas i.e., rolled up betel, and go and give them to an old man, at Chandorkar's who needs the betel.

The sudden appearance of that man and the delivery of the bidas convinced Noolkar that Baba was his Antarsakshi and thenceforward Noolkar's faith was greatly strengthened and he stayed on at Shirdi.

Noolkar's death suddenly came on, rapidly sacred literature was read within his hearing, as he approached the end. Baba's Pada Theertham was also brought and given to him and Noolkar died with his attention centered on Baba. Baba referring to Noolkar's death: Tatya, (Noolkar) has gone in advance (of us). He stayed here as I directed. His life's goal has been reached. He will be born no more.

(Contributed by Source: Sri Sai Baba's Charters and Sayings by H.H. Narasimhaswamiji)

I see few points in the above experience:

1. The GURU himself and you in a the path of a GURU
2. The Disciple and GURU relationship and how it would be
3. Things that is beyond the humans perception
4. Surrender.
5. Acceptance of death and being aware of it with all centred to the GURU.

The greatest thing to happened is the 5th point. And you need to have points 1 - 4 to have the 5th. And this is not something that we work for when we are old (As some say spirituality is something that you do after you retire). But it is to be done the moment you are born, the moment you start breathing.

Only then we will be able to grow spiritually ....

Death is a right of a human, Birth is caused by un-fulfillment
Fulfill the cause of the births, and you will reach the end of birth

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