Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Hotel @ Jakarta Grand Mahakam

It was only 1 light for the 2 pics above. The others are reflection of the mirror.

The room was good and lights and deco was good. (The worst was Uppal Orchid in Delhi.). I liked the arrangement. Had a good sleep in this hotel room

Now i would say (to what i have seen) the best employee. Why? She has the happy and full of smile and "ceria" on her face and she was very polite and humble. There are 2 entrance/exit at both end. Most of the time she will be alone taking care of both the doors. I have seen her running up and down to both the doors for the customers. Even the other employees was humble and friendly, i saw her to be outstanding in my 4 days stay.
To my viewers I would recommend this hotel : http://www.granmahakam.com/

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