Monday, May 28, 2007

F18 During Prade

First the Skyhawk made a fly pass was 4 of them ....but I focused on one Skyhawk setting my camera to prepare for the F18 Hornet

hehehehehe you can see the two F18 approaching ....

This is the left side F18 (left from cockpit)

The F18 on the left ....closer just before it pass where i am standing (the location was a good place to see but not good for photography)
This is the right F18 (right from cockpit). Taken with a 200 mm zoom lense 1/1600, f10.

Today was the first day I guess for the practice for "Hari Tentera" I managed to take this two shots near the TUDM.
I salute the Malaysian Heroes who serves the solider.... and my special solute for the one who is flying the above F18 and the Weapons System Officer.
When this aircraft takes of ...then we know that was the end of practice fro the day :)

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