Saturday, April 21, 2007

Do We Need A Death To Take Action?

Do we need to see a death to take action?
This is a question to the local authority....and the local MP. The local authority is very active when it comes to revenue ...but is the public safety forgotten?
The main water pipe was installed about more then a year back and there are no cover for the junction hole from the day one. You can see it at the above pictures.

It can cause 2 kind of tragedy...children who plays in that are (this is at a housing area) it can be a good hide and seek place. The uncovered hole is big enough even for an adult to go in. What if the children playfully goes in and falls down into the the pipe slope? This is one scenario, there can be many other ways.

The second is the deaths caused by Malaria. The fresh fain water can be collected inside the pipe and can be the breeding point of Aides mosquito (

What are the enforcement doing or we Need A Death To Take Action?

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