Sunday, April 15, 2007


There was an accident involving 2 motorcyclist just now..(2hours ago, now 11.55pm of 15-0407). And even though many (as usual) stop to see who is he and how the accident happen and to watch the others doing something, there were few actually came to assist and offer to use his car to send to hospital.
That was a good sign of Malaysians....
The other good sign was ....(I have seen this during 2 accidents in Puchong) ... the Serdang hospital was efficient in their medical services. They know the area, when i told them the location, they where it was. There were there in time and fast (based on location and distance) and they had the right skills and tools.
The police were there in time too.
Glad to see the improvement ...hope this can be made into practice in other areas.

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