Monday, March 26, 2007

The Worst Crime

(from a forwarded mail/originated from
The worst crime is the crime of war. You can only say the soldier dies of pride to defend the nation if the country is under attack, but what would you say if they attack a country for reason that they can't even justify before and after the war?

And attacks because of ideology and political/economy reasons is crime and is not worth the death but gives you bundles of sins for killing many soldiers and civilians.

For killing 1 person the civil court can sentence anyone to death, how about killing thousands of civilians and causing permanent disabilities to thousands more and all the sufferings that is caused because that 1 person thinks "this is the way we do" acan call for a war?.

Place your self in this child's shoe and imagine the trauma that the child would have gone thru at that moment, not being able to protect the mother and safe her. Think moments by moments the thoughts and feelings and fear and the trauma. Be him for a moment and feel it.
Would you want to be in his situation?

Place yourself in the ladies shoe, knowing she would leave her child in the mids of war zone and she can't do anything about it. What she can wish for is the last prayers for the safety of the child. Would you want to be in her situation?

If the leaders has a dispute that they can call each other and fight with anything that want one to one and decide on the result don't include the public. (The can call for paint ball game grrrrr!)

I took the picture from a forwarded mail and I hope I will never be in a situation to take such a photo. Thanks to to bring up this moments so that many would realise the terror of war.

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