Monday, March 05, 2007

Public Transport in India

Gosh ....I always will think twice before taking taxi in India. This time I had no choice as there were no 3 wheelers around and there were only 1 taxi there. So I asked the Punjabi old man if he knows where is Sahara Mall. He says "yes". Then he send a guy to ask another guy where is Sahara Mall. I did not know this till the guy came back and told go straight.
Then he said it is Rps 200.00. I agreed as some charges 300.00 Rps. Then he start driving and he start to ask ppl ...where is Sahara Mall. Wow...he said he knows and now asking me and people. I show the direction till where I know. Then I guess he realised that it is far, he came to a point ( a round about) and said "this is Sahara Mall. Since I have been to the place I denied and insisted that he take me there. Then the guys there said it is about 2-3 Km away.
I still insist that he send me there. Then he offered me 20rps for me to take a 3 wheeler to Shara Mall from there. Gosh......
He can't be bothered with my demands.....then I told i will pay him 150 rps and he asked for 180.00 rps. Then I paid 170.00 rps and left the place. Then I walked about 2 km to Sahara Mall....for me who like to travel by foot was a enjoyable walk as it was still cold out there....any way thanks to the taxi man. But don't make it a practice! Hehehehehe.
Then when coming back from there was a tough one too ....could not see a taxi and at last I got one. It was about 11Km from Sahara Mall to my hotel and he charged me 200 rps but was a no hassle drive.
India should consider a proper public transport.....

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Love the Holi Festival blog... but it will be great if you could explain in more details...i mean like the orgin n why it celebrated...

Reinee Raman