Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Mana Village - The Last Village

The entrance to Mana Village 3KM from Badrinath

The direction to specific places in Badrinath. The interesting place is Vasudhara which is at 12,000 feet.

The modern Monk :)

You can see their warm heart from the smile and face .....wish the world is like this
The local village view this is about 12 KM to the China border. The life was cool and people was nice and full of smile
The hill view from the Mana Village
River Saraswathi view from the Village.

The river Alakananda that pass by the Badrinath temple


Anonymous said...

this modern monk this is a crap lah. they shud lose the robe and live within society practising as monks in thoughts and actions

Anonymous said...

It is very helpful!